The Sports facilities

Ktima Elea boasts the only purposely build and fully fenced, sand field in western Greece.
It measures 28×37 meters externally and can accommodate any kind of sand sports tournament as its size and equipment is compliant to international standards and can host event on a professional level. The playing area is flat, fenced and equipped with team player benches. Its also fully illuminated to hold games after the sun has set.
The ability to play a variety of games in a purposely build, appropriate place, without interference and nuisance, provides the ultimate setting to those who want the best conditions to enjoy their sport.
The site features 5X5 beach Soccer, based on FIFA specifications and the necessary equipment (flag-ribbons), to play group games, official and non-formal. Correspondingly, of course, 3×3 games can be played in half the court. For those who love volleyball, “Ktima Elea” has all the necessary equipment that meets all the safety standards, the aluminium posts covered with protectors and of course can officially host a beach Volley tournament as there is a ladder for a referee to cover the match. Finally, for tennis lovers, their favourite game can be played with or without net, with tennis or beach racquets, depending on their preference and accordingly can host the appropriate Beach Tennis tournament.
Whatever is the sport you prefer, we offer changing rooms for men and women and lockers in which you can store safely your clothes or valuables. The facilities also include showers and toilets, and there is an outdoor shower for use in the intervals.