The Pools

A complex of swimming pools for both children and adults as been build for your enjoyment and relaxation.
They are built in a single complex, one flowing into the next a main pool and two smaller ones, offering the opportunity to everybody to enjoy the liquid element and perhaps a perfect setting for a most memorable birthday party or special celebration.
The bigger pool, with a graduating depth of up to 2 meters, is offered for the “big children”, while the two adjusted smaller pools are interconnected through the overflow method. One of them is dedicated to children, with a depth less than one meter, so they can play and enjoy the water safely, while the other is a large whirlpool bath that promises moments of relaxation under the sky.
Whether in or out of the water, the southwest view of the Ionian Sea guarantees uninterrupted enjoyment of the sun from sunrise to sunset just as if you were on the beach.