Who We Are

The Estate

KTIMA ELEA is an olive grove estate located in Lygia, a traditional fishing and agricultural village near the town of Preveza, perched on a hillside overlooking the beauty of the Ionian Sea. It’s one of the oldest farms in the village. Apart from its olive grove, which produces extra virgin olive oil every two years, the estate contains also an orchard with lemon, orange and fig trees, pears and mandarins and some trees that were recently planted such as pomegranates.
The field, named in the local dialect “Varko” (which means a field that draws water as it contained a very old well), which is situated in the centre of the village of Lygia, was chosen to create the “Olive Estate” (Ktima Elea).

Its privileged location, with amazing views of the beaches bellow, surrounded by lush greenery and plenty of space, made it an it ideal location of choice for our project.
There amongst the ancient olive trees, we created a unique leisure, sports and wellness complex that combines the beauty of nature with summer sports and relaxation. Located just a hundred metres from the amazing beaches of the village and with easy access from the main roads, we build with love, care and respect for the natural environment, a separate multi-activity area with swimming pools and a summer sports field in an autonomous area of about ten acres within the olive grove. It was designed to offer a modern complex of facilities, for those who wish to combine their holidays with beach sports, enjoyment of nature and relaxation in the water.
With private parking space and constructed from the beginning with ramps and toilet facilities  for wheelchair use it covers the modern needs for equal access to entertainment.

We hope to exceed your expectations.